On this night; the league is silent

No games scheduled tonight. I hardly know what to do with myself. On this night, the league activity is null. It is a reminder to all those what the summer would be like without baseball, earth’s greatest game.

It reminds me of that episode of the twilight zone, when the man awakens and everything around him is decimated, scorched, gone. He is the only thing left in a barren town and after a while it begins to drive him mad. Today is that day for a baseball fan. The weather is warm, dinner is over, but no matter how many channels you flip through you only get to watch jeopardy or WNBA. Tonight is a night, with the hangover of the All-Star game fresh in our minds, that we realize and appreciate how much the sport of baseball and the Major Leagues still mean to us. Summer would be twice as long and the heat twice as hot without the ‘boys of summer’ to carry us into the fall.

No worries fans of the game, baseball will be back tomorrow night and it’s not going away till the chill in the air will be visible with your every breath.