2007 All-Star Game

Ichiro Suzuki was the MVP and star of last night’s ballgame, won 5-4 by the American League, and extending their unbeaten streak to 11 years. I was just 13 the last time the National League actually won one of these damn things. Those are the facts that everyone already knows and the storylines being talked about. I’ll try and give my thoughts on the contest.

-Ironic that Albert Pujols, who is Tony LaRussa’s prize possesion is the only NL position player not used, and was left on the bench in favor of Aaron Rowand in the 9th inning with the bases loaded and 2 out. If K-Rod was going to walk in a guy with the bases loaded in avoiding a hitter, wouldn’t you think that Pujols would be a more imposing threat than Aaron Rowand? The guy who stole Adam Dunn’s All-Star spot? Pujols is not happy about it.
-Chris Young of the NL squad picked up the loss despite technically being on suspension. The reason he was suspended was because he threw at and fought NL squad teammate Derek Lee of the Chicago Cubs. I wonder if they kissed and made up for the festivities in San Francisco?
-The game featured several future sure-fire Hall of Famers: Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Trevor Hoffman, Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Tony LaRussa, Pudge Rodriguez, and John Smoltz.
-Jose Reyes is an exciting player and it was nice to watch him get 3 hits and steal a base. The guy is the NL’s version of Ichiro.
-Joe Buck is still a dickweed. Tim Mccarver is not bad, but the fact that he lets Buck run shit doesn’t help his cause.
-Eric Byrnes, out in Mccovey Cove for FOX covering the game(which looked roughly as comfortable as giving a speech in the nude), reminds me of a more buff Owen Wilson on some kind of serious uppers or speed. His dog was cool though.
-The American League is the superior league in baseball, if you couple the fact that they kick the NL’s ass in interleague play and the recent dominance in the Midsummer Classic. I’m not sure why exactly, but I think even now that NL-ball traditionalists can agree that the National League isn’t up to par with the AL right now.
-Ichiro Suzuki won a car for winning the MVP. I said the same thing I say every year when a guy wins an MVP and his reward is not just a trophy, but a brand new ride. “Does he really need another fucking car?” No, he doesn’t.
-Kind of ironic what an MVP and hitting the first inside-the-park homerun ever in the All Star Game will do for your contract talks isn’t it. 5 years, $100 million is what it is sounding like. Either way he’s still got that 2009 Chevy fucking Tahoe.
-It was one of the most exciting and fun All Star games I can remember watching. Climatic 9th inning (how pissed did J.J. Putz look getting pulled?), homeruns, great plays, it really had a little bit of everything.
-Ken Griffey Jr. represented well for the Reds (single, 2 RBI), while Grady Sizemore looked like he never fucking swung a bat before. Get a clue. Victor Martinez had the homerun that decided the game and may give the Indians home field advantage in the World Series in October. C.C. Sabathia worked a scoreless inning.
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