Throwing it around

Today is monday, which sucks but at least there are things to talk about. The Redlegs won 4 in a row; that’ll never happen again. We’re back from Manhattan after a meeting with George. With still a famous encounter from the weekend to come, we now take the time to submit a few good links about baseball for the day.

  • Whiffle Ball turned 54 years old today. (Deadspin)
  • “40” is the new “30”, and we’re talking about players reaching those HR totals in a given year. (One More Dying Quail)
  • We wish this was a Chris Berman piece, on unofficial Chris Berman day, from Chris Berman’s namesake site, but instead it’s Granderson, Curtis taking a homer away from Wily Mo Pena. (With Leather)
  • An interview with one of our favorite writers, Jeff Pearlman. If you haven’t read “The Bad Guys Won” yet, do it soon. (The Big Lead)
  • Visit your field of dreams. Really. Do it. (The Jaunt)
  • Just another gang bang report of an ex AL-MVP and his young pal. (On The DL)