Throwing it around

Happy saturday. We hope that you had a nice friday night and your june is ending well. Ours would really be better if our fiance wasn’t mad at us for no reason. Girls are crazy sometimes aren’t they? That is one reason why baseball is better than girls, baseball is always the same format, it never changes. That said, lets read some baseball links that have nice takes:

  • Bonds hits #755 and Troy Percival is back. (Deadspin)
  • A fan takes the field, looking rather San-Fran-ciscan last night and more on Bonds’ homerun. (The Big Lead)
  • The Jaunt talks about Ryan Howard’s 100th career homerun, and the short amount of time it took him to get there. Why’s he laying in the dugout in this pic? (The Jaunt)
  • The Padres were the lucky winners of the Milton Bradley sweepstakes. (MLB Trade Rumors)
  • A-Rod thoughts from a Yankee fan, now that A-Rod is delivering he might not get a shot at the postseason, and this fan wants him traded for prospects. (Yankees etc)
  • Wanna hang out with Deadspin and AJ Dualerio? Here’s your chance. (The 700 Level)
  • Ben Francisco bursts on the scene, and walks off the Devil Rays. The magic is back at the Jake. (The Diatribe)