Here's how it's gonna go tenatively

A good blog has structure and focus. We’re clearly focused on baseball coverage, but with that being said we skip around a lot. From now on, we plan to make this place a little neater and not such a confusing place to be. Each day, if we make an entry we will go for a certain type of entry. This doesn’t mean we still can’t recap a ballgame or an entire night’s action. It also leaves room for us to be very random. Things will just be a bit more organized for the time being. Depending on what day it is, we’ll make a certain entry that will warm your heart. Here is the set up.

Friday: Week in Review, Weekend preview, Visitors Dugout
Saturday: Saturday Baseball afternoon roundtable (smorgusboard of posts)
Sunday: Opininative Piece
Monday: A case of the mondays rant (we rip someone)
Tuesday: Steroid Witchhunt
Wednesday: Story Time/Random Player Review
Thursday: The Dippers/Hoggers Review

You’ll see how these different formats shape up as we do them, but expect this to be the format going forward, or like, at least until we’re sick of writing about these things.