DH summer tour rescheduled!

Originally, this was supposed to be the weekend in which we were supposed to wreak havoc on America, spread our name, drink combinations of booze that aren’t meant to be mixed, dip until we could be known as “leatherlips II and III”, and generally cause all kinds of trouble around the countryside. That was, however, well it just was.

Editor George has had something come up, and the trip has been delayed, not postponed. We’re going to hammer out a schedule very soon that will rival, no, it will better our original tour. We’re going to rock it out, go twice as hard, have twice as many stories from our travels, and you will hear about it all on the Diamond Hoggers Summer Tour 2007. While I’m busy telling editor George he’s a bitch and that he ditched me so he could go to the Yankees game tomorrow night with his wife, I know this blog is important to him and any chance he has to raise hell in honor of our summer tour is as well. He wouldn’t miss our original plans without a good forged doctors excuse.

So be ready, be prepared, be informed: the 2007 Summer tour is still on, and it’s going to be bigger and badder than ever before. Take it to the bank.

In the meantime, email George at [email protected] or leave your thoughts in the comments as to what you believe the real reason to his cancellation was. Keep it clean! (Not really)

Note: Details on the reschedule to follow very soon. As soon as George answers his phone.