Cows come, and cows go; but the Donkey just keeps homerin'

As of last evening, when he hit an opposite field homerun off the man who was Joe Table, he’s done it 220 times in his career. At the beginning of the season, we had a “Dunn Career HR Tracker,” but since we’ve decided against it with the trade talk, and the slumping while it was up. Still it remains that Adam Dunn just keeps on doing what we love to see most: see a big time slugger, with the threat of homering on every pitch; go deep constantly.

He’s homered in 25 different ballparks against 160 different pitchers. Carlos Zambrano, Kevin Millwood, and Glendon Rusch (I’ve seen him homer off all 3 live) are the pitchers he enjoys feasting on the most; as he’s taken them deep 6 times each. He has 19 multi-HR ballgames. 119 homeruns have been to right field, with only 16 going to straight away opposite field. 46 of Dunn’s homeruns have been to dead center.

Through all the turnover on the Reds rosters, all the guffaw from the media and the fans. Through all the trade talk and men that haven fallen victim to stints on the DL, Dunner has played and played and played. At the age of 27 he’s still amassing homeruns and putting together a nice bit of statistics to hang his hat on. I can honestly say, that this whole thing would be more enjoyable for me if the Reds would do the right thing and lock Dunn up to a long term contract-build around him for the next several years through his prime, and stop this ridiculous fucking talk of trading him. I imagine that won’t happen, because things like that just don’t happen like that for good guys like me and Dunner.

Nevertheless, with every blast he’s provided me with a different memory. Most I remember where I was at when I heard it on the radio, saw it on television, saw it in the box score. I guess that’s how it is when you OKAY! It’s a man-crush follow a favorite player for a long time. It happens.

I’m hoping for another 10 years of the country slugger launching parabola’s that land in the moon deck at Great American Ballpark. I don’t know if I’ll be that lucky, but to this point, the 220 homers (201 which I have owned in fantasy baseball) over the past 5 years have been a remarkable thing to watch as a baseball, and slugger fan.

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