Throwing it around

It’s hump-day which is never a bad thing. I’m headed to Jacobs Field tonight (for business purposes) which is a good thing. We jump around the net and blogworld to provide some baseball links of interest for you, which is of course the best thing:

  • Johnny Damon could have worked out better for the Yankees. Not every acorn shit by the Yanks can turn to gold. (Just Call me Juice)
  • The all-breakout MLB team. (The Feed)
  • The Reds better keep Adam Dunn, we agree. (Keep Adam Dunn)
  • This blog was carved from our own hearts. I have to say though, we didn’t create it, I promise. The case against Wayne Krivsky…. (Keep Adam Dunn)
  • I always wondered what happened to Mel Hall; and his jerry curl. That hair-do was the singlemost reason I would never trade his Topps card to anyone, ever. (Deadspin)
  • Things are going well for the Indians. (The Diatribe)
  • The White Sox are raising the white flag. Oh what a shame. Hey Ozzie Guillen; blow me, shithead. (We are the Postmen)