Throwing it around

Relaxing and humid tuesday here at Hog central. Can you guys believe that Scary Sherri died? If you don’t like wrestling, we don’t expect you to understand, but if you grew up in the 80’s and a big thing to you was Hulk Hogan and the Macho King Randy Savage, it’s a sad day today in which you must say goodbye to a part of your childhood. Well, here’s some links to cheer you up, dealing with baseball and not WWE/WWF unfortunately:

  • What Sammy Perlozzo did to get himself fired. (Shakedown Sports)
  • Julio Franco, causing trouble at his spry young age? (Deadspin)
  • Prince Fielder highlighted a rather quiet night in baseball; as we look at the daily closer. (Deadspin)
  • Who to root for? (The Sports Flow)
  • Is Craig Biggio a Hall of Famer? I say most certainly. (One More Dying Quail)
  • Look for us to reference this site more often as July 31st creeps up, is Teixera to the Yankees for Phil Hughes a possibility? We think not. (MLB Trade Rumors)

*Oh and just a late afternoon nugget. Longtime Diamond Hoggers commenter Brandon tells us that word out of Cincinnati is that Adam Dunn could be a Padre by tonight. If indeed this happens props to Brandon for tipping us off. Hopefully he is wrong, but as I watched last night’s drubbing, and I saw Dunn K in the 9th inning, I said to myself for some odd reason that it probably won’t be much longer that we see him in a Cincinnati uniform. We will monitor this situation.