Throwing it around

How’s your monday going? Not bad here, the fiance is coming to town tonight, and just made a nice sale. Monday could be worse. Still, the only good monday is a dead monday, right? Here’s some baseball related links that might make the beginning of your work week a bit better:

  • FOX and MLB are ruining saturday baseball. Isn’t anything sacred anymore? (The Diatribe)
  • An awesome interview with Harold Reynolds. I’ve always enjoyed Harold Reynolds. (Deadspin)
  • This is just awesome. Baseball ejections by the number this year, and the stats say that it’s been a trend to get ejected this season. (One More Dying Quail)
  • Bigg’ is still limping towards 3000 career hits. (Lion in Oil)
  • If only the Pittsburgh Pirates could go back in time. (Big Shirtless Rob)
  • The real life Crash Davis. (How can you walk with four balls)
  • Fun with Wikipedia and MLB leaderboards: Erik Bedard. (A Price Above Bip Roberts)
  • Wild Wally Backman is getting a reality TV show? What is the world coming to? (The Big Lead)
  • Elijah Dukes, out of his fucking mind. (With Leather)
  • An opened-ended letter to the Cincinnati Reds organization. This season was supposed to be so much more. (Baseball Church)