No shades of 1997 in this series

It’s very hard for me to believe that the 1997 World Series; in which Joe Table (I’m sure I invented that nickname for him) Jose Mesa’s fat ass blew it for Cleveland forever, was 10 years ago. I remember where I was when Renteria went line drive up the middle of a ducking Charlie Nagy, I’ll remember it forever. I think I cried but I’m not sure, I certainly wanted to cry. I don’t know if the tears were even able to come out. That Indians team had destiny written all over it, and somehow you felt they’d have other chances but never quite get that close again.

Although I’m sure the franchise probably would have rather have had the World Series title back then, a small part of me felt that the Indians were extracting revenge in this series, 10 years later on the same field in which destiny slipped away that night.

As another Cleveland team that had destiny written all over it rode off into the sunset without a championship again tonight, I have to wonder if this Indians team has what it takes to get back to another pivotal Championships stakes ballgame. This team consistently gets performances out of someone different every night (i.e. Jason Stanford tonight) thus never having to depend on one source to constantly save them. They have their star power, their young talent, and C.C. Sabathia has developed into the stopper-ace that you don’t beat.

Don’t get down on yourselves too much Cleveland fans; in just a few short months there could be another magical team from your city playing for a professional sports championship. This team has something magical about it. They can play with anyone, and the best is yet to come.

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