How many broadcasters do we really need in the booth, or on the field???

I tell ya, broadcasters disgust me. Almost all of ’em. I hate Berman. He is a moron. I hate “My Daddy was a broadcaster, so therefore, I should be a broadcaster” Buck. On top of egotistical maniacs such as these, who, if given the proper mental evaluation, share striking similarities to totalitarian dictators. I mean, if he could, wouldn’t Berman create monuments to himself in Bristol?? You bet he would!

I am reminded of utter ridiculousness of having all of these guys in the booth. I am especially reminded, as I follow my now slumping Mets on MLB Extra Innings. The Mets are shown on SNY. The lead broadcaster, Gay Cohen isn’t too bad. He grew up in Flushing, a local kid and he got the dream job…he’s the broadcaster for his favorite team. Then you got Ron Darling, former Met great, who actually does a great job. Now this is full capacity for any booth roster. Two guys to do a game. That’s all you need. Well, to add to the mix, we have our beloved loudmouth, Keith Hernandez, who has a corrosive attitude. I mean, he really acts like he is your grouchy 80 year old grandpa when he his in reality, half that age. Then, instead of a sideline bimbo, we have Chris Cotter…a stuttering buffoon, obviously straight outta grad school from a rich family that was able to get him this cushy job.

I hated watching the Braves for years on TBS, as they are the 2nd worst homer broadcasters expect for the Mets. Hernandez is standing on his head, ready to yell obsenities when there’s a bad call. He got in hot water when he picked on that trainer girl, who was in the Padres dugout a few years back. He is a disgusting man.

Well, tonite, as I watch the Dodgers continue to kick our balls, I am enjoying the LONE longtime Dodgers broadcaster, Vin Scully. This guy is fantastic. He has been voted, “The best baseball broadcaster of all-time. I’d never heard him do a game before until I got Extra Innings for the start of this season. He’s got the voice, the presence, the knowledge, and he sticks to the game (aka, the broadcast isn’t about him, it’s about the game. Guys like Berman and Buck ACTUALLY THINK we watch soley because of them). Scully is also a bad ass, as he wears suits from the 70s. I mean, he looks like he belongs on the Anchorman set. Oh, I forgot to mention, the guy pretapes during commercials the bits usually reserved for the sideline bimbo. They show these clips when they come back from commercial and then resume the broadcast. Incredible…Scully does the work of four people on SNY!

And now, as I watch my Mets get their asses handed to them, at least I can enjoy the game audibly, the way it should be: with a lone, professional, broadcaster.