Homer links

Oh I know I am surely asking for a giant shit burger to be served up to me with the way I am pimping Homer Bailey on this site. The guy has thrown 5 big league innings, and he’s getting enough attention from Diamond Hoggers to make one think he’s the second coming of Nolan Ryan.

That said, until this guy bombs out (which I am convinced will be my fault), I am enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts. Cincinnati finally has a young stud power right hander and I can actually look forward to watching a Reds pitching performance every 5th day.

Here are some links we bring to you about young Homer, while perusing the net:

Photoblogging Homer Bailey’s big league debut. (Redleg Nation)
Videoblogging Homer’s big league debut. (Redleg Nation)
It’s a wonderful Major League life. (
The Feed)
Previewing thursday’s matinee, Homer vs. Bart (Colon). What are the Chances? (Reds and Blues)
It’s good to know that Homer Bailey made his debut when Roger Clemens was still around. The second coming? TBA. (Just Baseball)