To the ballpark!

Well it’s that time. My favorite time. Summer has arrived, school is out for the kids, perfect weekend weather is on hand. I’m heading out the door to the old Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati–and I’m going to spend some money on a team that probably isn’t worth my hard earned (or easy earned) dollars. I guess that is true love for something and a passion when you spend the money and make the 4 hour round trip to watch a ballteam play that just isn’t that good.

Gotta go grab a Starbucks coffee, and a tin of Skoal Straight. I’m making the roadtrip to Cincinnati to provide some coverage of the Battle of Ohio series between the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians. I’ll be doing some out of town scoreboard watching as I believe my fantasy team is going on a mini-run here before the All-Star Break.

See you at the ballyard!

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