Homer debuts for Cincinnati tonight

Homer Bailey is set to make his big league debut tonight against the Cleveland Indians in Cincinnati. Originally we were supposed to be attending the game to provide some coverage of the outing, but things come up. Have no fear, there is still a chance we will get to provide some coverage of this historic first big league start by Homer; that is if the game in Cincinnati is rained out and played as part of a double header tomorrow–which we will most likely be attending.

A few things you should know about Homer Bailey:
1) He doesn’t really love baseball, and he has indicated that before to the press. He was simply blessed with a rocket arm.
2) He throws about 95 mph.
3) He’s the first power arm (drafted and developed by the Reds) that hasn’t been blown out before getting to the Majors in modern history.
4) His hair is currently much longer than in the picture above, and he needs to cut it, because he looks like a dick-snatch with it long.

Reds fans rest their hopes of a future World Series appearance and triumph on this young kid. You go to Cincinnati, thats all you hear about is Homer Bailey and how he’s going to come up and win one Cy Young after another. I’d expect there to be a few years of growing pains for this kid to be honest. He’s got the stuff but I’m not sure he’s got the maturity and the head on his shoulders to get it done at the big league level just yet.

The great thing is he is 21, and the Reds have nothing to lose by getting his feet wet at this point. Best case scenario is that he never makes another trip back to AAA Louisville and is a fixture in the Reds rotation for the next 15 years. Lets get serious though, if he’s really as advertised, he’ll jump ship for Boston, New York, or San Francisco when he’s first eligible.

Another great thing is aside from Josh Hamilton, there is nothing else refreshing about this bad Reds ballclub. Homer might come up and be like a breath of fresh air for Grey Goose Narron & Company.