I'm here…

Ok, so finally I’m here…Mevs, this is for your sorry ass…I’ll do a REAL blog soon enough…peace.

Edit: Welcome Tommy. Everyone, the surprise arrived before I had time to tell anyone about it, but there is going to be some new Sherriffs in town here at Diamond Hoggers to help me and George entertain you all. This guy is the first. I wanna welcome my college teammate and fellow Hogger, Tommy Bottichee, pictured above in one of our college nights of glory (actually at the school’s baseball house).

I want you all to treat Tommy with the same respect and wonderful admonishment I’ve been given these past few months. I want you to know that besides me, he’s the most colorful, innovative, creative, and entertaining guy I know. His shit is right up my alley, and if you like Diamond Hoggers, he’s right up your alley as well.

Now Tommy, there aren’t many rules here. Use Arial font (small) and always remember to turn out the light when you leave. The only other rules that apply here:

1) Your Posts must be about baseball, or hogging, or something that had to do with the greatest game on earth at one time.

2) I covered all the rules in #1, like an asshat.

I’d tell you who Tommy was dressed as in the above picture, but I’m sure he can tell it himself on a rainy day. Hoggers, you’re all in for a treat courtesy of your editor.