Hamilton back from DL

Tonight Josh Hamilton returns from the 15-day DL which saw him swat 3 homeruns off left handers with AAA Louisville. In six rehab appearances with Triple-A Louisville, Hamilton went 8-for-24 with four homers and six RBI. I expect the Reds to get quite a lift from getting him back and make a run right here; right now. I know people are probably thinking, well he’s just a rookie hitting .261, but one who has watched the Reds closely this season will agree they are a different team with Hamilton on the field.

Having Josh Hamilton in the lineup just seems to bring an extra spark to this ballclub and everyone raises their game just a little bit because of how hard he plays; it’s similar to the effect Ryan Freel has on the lineup at times but even more intense because of the story surrounding Hamilton.

I will be interested to see if ‘The Natural’ can bring out some of the best in Reds baseball. I think over the next month he could do some things that could bring himself and the team notoriety. I would love if he got some consideration for the All-Star Team but the DL stink probably ruined that. Beyond that, to catapault the Reds back into the race in the NL Central would be good enough for me. Welcome back Hamilton.