Week in Review

Memorial Day kicks off the summer
Memorial Day weekend officially kicked off the summer, and we kicked it off as well by drinking a few ‘pops’ to get in the spirit on the weekend, and during the week. There was good baseball on for us to watch all the way through; thankfully.

Editor George goes under the knife
No worries, he’ll get well soon and has promised to deliver some quality material so I can slack a bit. He also offered his thoughts on the Yankees–and told Yankee fans to keep the faith.

A HUGE week for Cleveland sports
Cleveland sports has really put me in a good mood this week. We had the Catch, the Lebron, and the Indians sweeping Detroit in Detroit, and then winning last night in Cleveland. Oh yeah, Sizemore and company messed up Dice-K Matsuzaka as well. 3 1/2 games up in the AL Central as we speak.

A-Rod gets caught
I’m sure he’d rather of been caught stealing (bases or goods and items) rather than be caught cheating on his wife…..with a stripper slut puppy. A-Rod did alright, she was no hog. Look for his good play to continue on the field, and well things off the field are obviously going just as well.

Adrian Beltre reads Diamond Hoggers
Our favorite Seattle Mariners 3rd basemen stopped by Diamond Hoggers to offer his thoughts on our Steroid Witchhunt feature story about him. He even left a comment. Note to Adrian: why else would your power drop off from 48 homeruns to just below 20 in the next season? If it smells like shit and it looks like shit, it probably ain’t mud, Chucko.

Reds Rantings
I crybabied about the possibility of the Reds trading Adam Dunn, as well as shared my thoughts with how dissapointed I’ve been with the play of these no-hustle, underachieving, lose at home, snatch-defeat from the jaws of victory, little fucks. Yeah I’ve about had it with the Reds.