Throwing it around: Cleveland Sports on the spot

Tonight is another big night for Cleveland sports, and it basically kicks off the weekend. The Tribe usually doesn’t have ‘big games’ of importance when playing the Royals, but they’re trying to avoid a sweep. They need a win because they’re going to Detroit for the weekend, and Boston after that. The Cleveland Cavaliers have to win against those stinkin’ Pistons to avoid being down 2-0. Here’s some baseball writings that we liked for selection today:

  • So it’s clear now: Jason Giambi got off roids after signing with the Yankees, took Greenies and started hitting a bit, and now he’s in trouble. (Deadspin)
  • Last night’s game was so frustrating for Tribe fans. Nice of David Dejesus and John Buck to start hitting now that I’ve let them go in fantasy baseball. We share the sentiments of TheDiatribe. (The Diatribe)
  • The Yankees showed some ‘mox last night; oh yeah, that Clown Carl Pavano is hurt again. (Yankees Etc.)
  • Thinking out loud about fantasy baseball; at least you’re not in 7th place. (One More Dying Quail)
  • I bet ‘Schill doesn’t blog before his next start. (38 Pitches)
  • A great baseball summer reading list. (The Baseball Card Blog)
  • What does every team in the NL Central need? The Reds need 25 new players I think. (UmpBump)