Baseball is about to be in full swing (A Memorial Day Post)

This weekend is Memorial day and it happens to be one of the better holidays of the summer and entire year. This is usually a time when Editor George and I meet up near his home on the East Coast, and I head out to New Jersey for the annual Spring Lake 5 run and stay for an unbelieveable weekend at my Fiance’s place. Last year it was probably my favorite weekend of the entire summer. Escaping to the beach and forgetting about life’s worries for a weekend of perfect weather, a long run (which I have finished twice), and some big time partying (cough/ The Porch!).

Last Memorial Day was filled with good times and laughs, and a trip to Yankee Stadium. This year I won’t be going out east to Jersey to be on hand for the amazing festivities and it really bums me out. That said, it’s probably wise to save the $300 for my mortgage payments. I’m still gonna try and enjoy the other things that there is to enjoy about Memorial Day.

Memorial weekend is like the little brother of the big bopper; the 4th of July. The 4th of July is the Mecca of baseball season, nearly at the perfect midway point, the weather being perfect and a time to celebrate with friends, baseball, burgers, and some beer. Memorial day is like the appetizer to that. It’s the little dinner salad leading up to that 15 oz. Porterhouse.

It’s a great weekend for baseball and there are some big time matchups I am looking forward to seeing. None more then the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Indians, in Detroit battling for AL Central superiority.

I am actually not going to have one drop of alcohol this summer holiday. Not because I don’t want to, but all my boys are gone out of town. That leaves me with the weekend of usual celebratory purposes, open for watching baseball; working on the site; working out; and doing some yard work. It doesn’t get any more american than that does it.

I was listening to some baseball commentators last evening and they made some very good points. Around this time of year it’s just a great time for the game of baseball. The weather starts to heat up and there is just a ‘feel good’ around the ballparks of the Major Leagues, no matter what place your team is in. The way the ball starts flying off the bat, and neighborhood pools begin to open up this weekend.

If anything this weekend is just something to really enjoy; because we promise it will go fast. Sit back and enjoy some of the smaller and finer things in life. Be greatful, be appreciative. The reason we have all these great things to enjoy on this fine earth are the men who died and the reason for monday off work. If you don’t like baseball, and we doubt people who aren’t baseball fans read this site, take some time to sit and watch a ballgame, all the way through. Especially monday. Eat a hot dog and drink a coca cola. Go to a little league ballgame if you can at the nearest park.

These are the things that being American; is all about.