You're nothing but a smelly, sweaty pig

The Yankees might decide to void Mr. Giambi’s contract if they find out he was using steroids when they signed him. No wonder he’s always such a sweaty, wet, mess. His pig heart is probably always racing due to the amount of supplements he’s pumped into that once fat and bloated body.

According to Jose Canseco, Giambi wasn’t smart about juicing at all, he wasn’t careful he was just downright foolish. Canseco said in his book that Giambi would often just throw together a pile of steroids and mix them all in a cocktail-no really caring whether or not they paired well together, he just took as many as he could get, all of the time, with no method to his madness.

Now it would seem that Giambi’s careless mistakes of usage could cost him a bit more than just some health.