Throwing it around

It’s a great sports monday today as tonight we’ve got the Reds and Indians in their home friendly confines, the Red Sox and Yankees go at it again, and most of all at 8:00 the Cleveland Cavaliers try to upset the Detroit Pistons tonight in the opener of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Here’s some baseball bloggage you should check out:

  • The 700 Level is happy that Philly took 2 of 3 this weekend for sure.
  • 100% Injury Rate does a post on the last remnants of RBI Baseball. I remember like it was yesterday dueling with Darryl Strawberry, Lenny Dykstra, and Tim Tuefel on that game against All Star NL and Eric Davis…. ah the memories.
  • AwfulAnouncing shows us another side perhaps of Joe Buck.
  • BadBravesFan Blog says that Andruw Jones is having a year that paralells the Cincinnati Bengal’s Chad Johnson or ‘Ocho-Cinco’.
  • A Reds fan at Feeding the Goat breaks down the Cincinnati Reds’ month of may. It hasn’t been pretty.
  • CNNSI has conducted a poll of the Friendliest, and Least Friendliest players in all of baseball. There is no surprise about either as I’ve had personal experiences with both.
  • The SoxGal is looking forward to playing the Yankees. It could be another long series for the pinstripes.