Hypothetically speaking….

You know I was thinking today while watching Outside the Lines as they talked about Barry Bonds’ controversial pursuit of the all-time homerun record (do they ever talk about anything else?), there is a pretty decent chance that George and I are going to have a shot at seeing Barry Bonds break or tie Hank Aaron’s record on July 3rd–the final night of our road-trip, not that we give 2 shits about being there live, but basically it gives us 1 in 40,000 odds at becoming multi millionaires.

Sure, it’s just an outside shot, and sure even if we position ourselves in right field and set our minds to attack mode in the event Bonds goes launching that night; he could still hit it out to left field. Bonds would have to get pretty hot, as he’s got just over a month to hit 11 more homers that it would take to break the record. He hit about that many in about the same amount of time before we head to Cincinnati so far to begin the season; before entering a recent cold streak.

But still, the possibility and thought of being on hand for phoney history and being in the million dollar sweepstakes excited me this morning.