Throwing it around

Happy Saturday. Love is in the air, as editor George officially has a girlfriend, sorry ladies, he’s off the market. I’m going to enjoy an afternoon of fishing and slaying pond bass, and then a nice dinner. Here’s some stuff from around the web that should keep your interest for, oh, two seconds or so:

  • Just Call Me Juice gives us our 2nd reference to Rafael Belliard in 3 days, that hasn’t happened anywhere else on the internet, I promise you. Rafael Belliard is the feature in a segment the Juice likes to call: Players who never took steroids.
  • Whiteyball (in reference to Herzog), gives you a look at what’s going on with the St. Louis Cardinals. 4 hits from Pujols last night, and they still lose? Come on Cards, help out the Tribe and start beating up on Detroit the rest of the weekend like it is October again.
  • ESPN’s top 10 list of sports fights in baseball, brought to us in all it’s YOUtube glory by a guy who likes to give his opinion on sports.
  • Dave Stewart talks about saves in this session of his ‘Throwin Heat’ blog.
  • The Tribe Source has more recap of the Indians-Reds tilt last night, in which did we mention that Grady Sizemore was the star?
  • Deadspin says that interleague play snuck up on us, and that no one notices it anymore.