More battle of Ohio pics

I took so many photos last night I think I wore out the the button on my digital camera. Here’s some of the better ones that are worthy of making it on to the blog. Nothing too funny here, but just some good, wholesome, baseball shots from a great night at the ballpark.

The New Heritage Park at Jacobs Field. In center field where just a picnic area used to be, this area serves as a kind of ‘Indians Hall of Fame’. This was very neat and I wish I had more time to look around it. Has signatures engraved in marble of every big time Indians player who ever played for the team, and displays the plaques of every member of the Indians Hall of Fame. Just another ammenity that makes Jacobs Field such a fan friendly ballpark.
Sizemore absolutely owned shit last night. Here he is later on in the game in center field straight chilling during hi 4 hit performance.

Josh Hamilton was working on his baserunning before the game and talking with Reds 1st base coach Billy Hatcher (who is a dick). Pictured above are Hamilton’s size 19 shoes. Hamilton did not get the start because a lefty was on the hill. I wasn’t a fan of the talk to fire Jerry Narron, but this kid needs to play and play every night if he’s healthy. Narron’s lineups have been awfully questionable.

Here is a picture of the largest free-standing scoreboard in the world.

A picture I took in batting practice of the Indians’ championship banners.

Here we go Brownies, Here we go WOOF WOOF! 4 months.

The second deck in right field at the Jake has went as being known as ‘semi nosebleeds’ to all of the sudden, “Pronkville”. I snapped this picture while eating the greatest thing I’ve ever put in my mouth, a ‘Cleveland Bomber’. I was skeptical at first, but I can tell you, if you ever go to Jacobs Field, GET THIS for dinner. It is a roast beef wrap, with cheese and vegtables, and it is the best damn eatable I’ve ever had at any ballpark. It is simply to die for.