Throwing it around

Thursdays are cool and all because they almost represent the weekend. They’re even better when there is some baseball waiting to be watched on the weekend. Today we show you a few links with some good baseball reading waiting to be read:

  • 89 years ago last tuesday, Walter Johnson threw an 18-inning shutout. Coffeyville Whirlwind goes into detail about the Big Train’s amazing outing.
  • The Baseball Analysts go into great detail with some hardcore analysis on sinister thefts (stolen bases). If you have the time, this is an interesting and informative read.
  • Baseball Church wants to save 2007, and they are calling for our boy Jerry Morron’sNarron’s head.
  • Fenway Blogger tells us that Josh Beckett who is 7-0 on the season will miss his start tomorrow at Fenway park due to the sore on his pitching hand.
  • Former Oakland A’s flamethrower Dave Stewart talks about the Indian’s reasons for success thus far. Always liked watching Stewart pitch as a kid, even if he talked kind of like a woman.
  • Finally, With Leather has some strange quotes from Ichiro Suzuki and his stance on steroids. They’re weird.