The Worst Baseball team ever constructed

Today Bugs and Cranks did a feature post on the worst team ever if they could construct them. I like the feature for many reasons. One would be that many of the names on the team were easily recognizable for me. I mean how can you forget Brian Rekar? Mac Suzuki. Dennis Springer and Dennis Tankersley.

Hell yes I remember Rafael Belliard. The guy had like 1 homerun or two his whole career. In fact, I have been wanting to do a post on him for quite some time. I also remember Tomas Perez, and Dale Sveum (the captain). How could anyone forget Brandon Larson?

The one I remember most is Anthony Young, the ace of any shittiest staff. Any post on any blog that brings you to a remiscient state of Anthony Young, deserves props. Mad props.

Young is a modern day mystery, scratch that, he is a prodigy. You statheads out there and baseball geeks like me easily recall that little baseball record that will probably never be touched; while with the Mets, from May 6, 1992 to July 24, 1993, he lost 27 consecutive games in which he had a decision. He actually went 1-16 for the mets in 1993 with an ERA of 3.77, which is mind-boggling. If he were around to pitch now, he might get a multi-year deal with that ERA.

Nevertheless, I want to thank Bugs and Cranks for reminding me of Anthony Young, his tirades after every tough defeat, and the suck-dom that was the worst team ever compiled.