Throwing it around

It was karaoke night last night at the Kickstand Pub. I’m also inheriting two roomates in my new home, former teammates, and one whom liked to ‘hog’, with the nickname ‘Pig’. Mental picture that guy. I’m shaking off the hangover here before lunch, we’re throwing some good link about baseball your way here on this hump day afternoon.

  • The Tribesource has a full recap of the Indians big win last night. I’m telling you, this Indians team is not going away, all season long.
  • Yankees Etc. believes in the Yanks, and that there is no reason to panic. 126 games to go and Roger Clemens is on his way, afterall.
  • On The DL finally has a new little update about a player and his love for fine wine and older women. Your guess is as good as ours.
  • A Price Above Bip Roberts brings the AL East into the Shark Jumping Series.
  • Whatever happened to Rick Ankiel? Deadspin says their boy is still prankin’, now as a centerfielder.
  • Mack Avenue Tigers Blog compares Grady Sizemore and Curtis Granderson. Hey, we like Curtis Granderson too, but believe us, there’s no comparison.
  • A Chicago Cubs Blog recaps the 10-1 win at Shea Stadium last night by their team.
  • We haven’t talked a lot about the Giants lately, Bay City Ball has an update.