Weathers Calls for a Life Line

The only guy who sweats more that Jason Giambi of the Yankees is David Weathers on the Cincinnati Reds. Weathers looks like he is about to have a stroke every time he takes a breath, knowing that one more mistake he will be sent down to the minors. I’m surprised he is still able to get a grip on the ball with all that salt juice. The guy loses 5 pounds a game and that when he is just sitting in the bullpen. The only reason he is fat is because gains it all back by taking down all the left over Skyline Chili Dogs at the concession stands. If there is anyone in baseball that needs a pacemaker, liposuction, and an ice bag hanging around his neck, its David Weathers. Its no wonder that he can never last a whole season as closer, once the temperature rises above 40 degrees the team sends EMS out to the bullpen.