The backs of baseball cards just don't lie

Yeah so anyways, we had him right where we wanted his ass. Adam Dunn and Alex Gonzalez went back to back off ‘Roy O.’, we were hitting him hard, he was in a deep pitch count. Everything was in the Reds favor to not allow Roy Oswalt to improve to 19-1 all time against the Cincinnati Reds. All we had to do was not clusterfuck and become a story on Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter. Yeah, you know, cause’ the only way we’re getting any run-time from this one is if Oswalt does get the win and go to 19-1 in his first 20 decisions against us, and deservedly so, he owns our ass.

Sure enough, Kyle Lohse comes out of the ballgame, ageless wonder Mike Stanton enters–walks Lance Berkman, Todd Coffeys fat ass charges out of the bullpen like a locomotive headed for disaster area, and BANG! Three run homer by Luke Scott and it’s all over.

I can tell Coffey through my television set “fuck you” all I want. He still sucks at days end. Here’s what some other Reds fans are saying about him, over at

-FUCKER. We really need to address his issues. The guy is killing us. Ugghh……..

-I cannot believe Narron put Coffey in to face Luke Scott. All that guy can hit is fastballs, so Narron brings in the pitcher that basically throws all fastballs.It probably sounds like I have a personal grudge against Narron, but man. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this pathetic manager and bullpen. They’re costing this team countless games.

-Well Coffey was having success with the fastball, he just threw a change up right down the middle.

-Yeah right down the middle! What big leaguer can’t hit that pitch? Awful!

-Coffey is killing this team. Let’s just trade him and Hopper to HOU for Lidge while we are playing each other.

-We (and by we I mean this dreadful bullpen) are quickly losing this season. In case nobody has noticed, Milwaukee is playing with a ton of confidence; they are about ready to run off with this thing. I’m a believer in WK (Wayne Krivsky); what he has done in his short tenure has been so much better than what we had for the previous dozen years or so. That being said, something has to be done here. I don’t want to lose interest in this season by Memorial Day.

-I fucking hate Todd Coffey. I hate Narron for continuously going with him only to be let down. Coffey should be the Astros MVP.

-” I’m not sure how much longer I can take this pathetic manager and bullpen. They’re costing this team countless games.” Quote of the year. Our bullpen is embarassing. The fact that Mike Stanton still has a job is laughable.

-If I had a gun with only one bullett, I don’t know who’d I’d shoot; Todd Coffey, or Jerry Narron.

Ok so I added in that last one for good measure, but you get the point. Fuck.

The bottom line is I knew all along; I just knew, that somehow, some way we wouldn’t be able to steal one from Oswalt and the Astros tonight. We had that bastard right where we wanted him and we let him off the hook! Shit. The frustration is at an all time high.

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