Mo's Woes Continue

I finished watching another disapointing Yankees game. Rivera falls short again as he gives up another 2 out homerun in the 9th inning. What is going on with the hall a fame Yankee closer? A flat, chest high fastball was redirected and deposited over the left-center field wall by Adrian Beltre in Yankee Stadium Monday night, for 9th inning game winning homerun.

Right now it seems like Rivera has lost not only his location and movement, but overall confidence in the one and only pitch that made him a famous closer. As a fan I too am starting to lose confidence when the game is on the line. I have never seen him give up homeruns like this. He is breaking less bats and hitters do not fear him anymore. With all the things going on with the Yankees, this is the last thing they need. There are enough pitching problems right now and adding Mo’s problems makes winning close game a roll of the dice.