Throwing it around

Yesterday was a busy day in the world of sports. With the NBA playoffs, the Merrweather-De La Hoya fight, and the Kentucky Derby, who had time to read baseball blogs? We did. Here’s what you might not have found:

  • Odds and Odds talks about Major League Baseball’s proposed alcohol ban in the wake of the Hancock accident.
  • Nats320 is a bit worried about Ryan Zimmerman’s dissapointing performance thus far this season.
  • Fenway Blogger gives a recount of Tim Wakefield and the BoSox beating down the Twins.
  • Redleg Nation has grown sick of the Cincinnati Reds bullpen, as have I. I can’t believe that this is the best we can do, something has to give.
  • The Tribe Source recaps an awful night for the Indians and Jeremy Sowers.
  • U.S.S. Mariner has a growing hatred of Jose Vidro.
  • Mister Irrelevant Jamie Mottram talks about the Orioles sucking at everything, including dance-offs. We know your pain dude.
  • Brew Crew Ball is very happy, because their Brewers are the first Major League squad to 20 wins; it must be nice. They can’t keep this up all year, I’m warning you.