Week in review

Josh Hancock killed in fatal accident
Josh Hancock, who used to pitch for my Reds, was killed in a fatal one car accident. While the actions leading to the accident are disputed, the kind of teammate and player Hamilton was is not.
We honored Josh with a post dedicated to memories we had of him. Josh Hamilton, dead at age 29.

Reader Submission week has a trial run
The next time we do reader submission week, we hope it goes a little smoother. Our readers in addition to being baseball fans, are aparently also very shy. We did get one reader submission from Ted over at A Price Above Bip Roberts, and his great memories from a warm summer in the Bronx in ’98. We also got a reader submission from a fan we met at the ballpark who gave us some awesome photos of the Natural Roy Hobbs Josh Hamilton. We added a story of our own about former fireballer Luis Pineda. Later in the summer, this little theme might pick up a bit, or so we hope.

Grady Sizemore is not even hot yet, but still has a cult-like status
Grady had two big game winning hits in one week, and we did not miss either of them. One was an inside-the-park homerun that led the Indians to a victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The other was just a double last night, which led to a victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. The Indians just win, they don’t do it pretty but they just win. We like that about them, as do many of the Clevelanders that follow them. We hope it continues all the way to 100 wins, or at least I do. George is a Yankees fan. And speaking of them…………

Phillip Hughes shines before becoming the latest pitcher to fall victim to an injury
His debut did not sparkle in the Bronx, but that is alright. Hughes took the mound in Texas and went 6 and 1/3 innings throwing like a closer, not allowing a hit, and generally just dominating and rolling along in fine fashion until it happened. Hughes pulled his hamstring, went to the DL ala Wang, Mussina, and Pavano, but not without showing a glimpse of what is to come for the next, oh 15 years in the Bronx. Mark it down, he’s going to be good.

The love-fest for Adam Dunn continues
No secret here. I’ve got a man-crush on the Big Donkey for plenty of reasons. Dunn hit 4 homeruns this week, including a line shot that help defeat the Astros on
tuesday night. I also detailed Dunn’s homeruns by showing a box score of every game the Donkey has homered in that I’ve been present. I’ll be there tonight, maybe he adds to the total? Look for another lengthy “why would you give a shit” Dunn post detailing more of his homerun #’s in the near future.

Baseball Tonight goes out on a limb for us, and for you
I’ve ripped them before, and I’ll definitely rip them again. They provided us with another reason why the other night and I was giving them a chance not to fumble the snap. Kruk says the Pirates will be in first place by month’s end. Fernando Vina confessed his undying love for Gary Sheffield (who is 104 today), by proclaiming him the king of the month of may. I don’t buy it, either of the takes. These guys show me more and more every night that they know jack-shit about baseball.

Now for one last little reader submission and we saved the best for last. I am a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan in the offseason. I recently became a season ticket holder. When they drafted Brady Quinn, I instantly got a hard on because there’s no one I’d rather have bring them back from the dead then the hometown boy who grew up right down the street from me. Some college teammates of mine who ended up being my best friends in college (and roomates on the road) were his teammates and best friends in high school. In the spirit of reader submission week, look who was at the Yankee game on draft saturday:

Shame on you Brades, you know they’re evil. Now, you can make up for it by throwing 20 touchdowns this year and getting the Brownies to .500, I promise. We’re more than happy to have ya kid, and I popped my first beer only after they took you saturday. The celebration officially began for me at the #22 pick.