Throwing it around

It’s friday, I’m heading to the ballpark tonight to see the Reds try and get after it against the Rockies in their quest to get over .500 for the season. Here’s some afternoon delight to tide you over until the games kick off around 2:20 today. (BTW, I’m crossing my fingers that Carlos Zambrano is lights out against the Nationals today, my fantasy team needs big-time starts!)

  • We love Deadspin, we really, really do. They provide us with the info that Brett Myers has now been named the closer in Philadelphia with their edition of ‘the Daily Closer’.
  • On the Show has a nice find. We just simply have to link this for the sole purpose of….well, just scroll down a little bit in this post to see Gary Sheffield and Doc Gooden at their finest.
  • Baseball Church examines that the Brewers, while playing well, might have some shitburgers coming their way. Ahhhh…the soothing reading that is Baseball Church.
  • Our friends over at In Dayton We Trust discuss a big outing their Royals got out of Gil Meche. I knew I should have picked him up in fantasy baseball before last night.
  • SweetHomeSports blog is telling their fellow White Sox fans not to panic. The best part about the Indians becoming the ‘Windians’? Ozzie Guillen eating crow.
  • Yardbarker has another sad truth: Josh Hancock was legally drunk at the time of the accident. Reaction to this later from us.
  • The Pinetar Rag is happy they don’t have to deal with Orestes Destrada anymore on on XM 175 anymore. Oh how I wish I hadn’t lost my satellite radio. Damn.