Fun with box-scores: Dunn's slams while I was present

Here’s a new little session that we’re going to start playing around with. If you go to, you can go to any box score, of any game on record. I’ve been looking for a site like this for a long, long time. Goodbye Retro-sheet.

Today, I begin to try and lookup every game that Adam Dunn homered in, in which I was present. It seems like way more than any other player. So here goes:

April 27, 2002-First time I saw Dunn play live. George and I’s first trip to Riverfront

May 7, 2002– Freshman year comes to an end.

July 5, 2002– Dead center over that huge black batters eye

June 7, 2003– Out of the park, sailed over the bullpen to right field

June 4, 2004-First one I saw after I moved to Cincinnati, by myself

June 16, 2004– He came into his own this series against the Rangers

June 27, 2004– He hit 2 this day for me and George

June 30, 2004– Off Tom Glavine. I saw Corey Lidle pitch, caught a foul ball

August 25, 2004– For me and Marilyn. Pujols also homered.

April 4, 2005– Two on opening day. First off Pedro, then off Looper to tie it!!!

June 16, 2005– Another one for George. From the Diamond Seats. The most incredible homerun I’ve ever seen. Dead center, out of the park.

July 15, 2005– A homerun for me and Dad

April 3, 2006– Opening day for me and Justin

June 30, 2006– Grand Slam walkoff for me and Steph!

July 16, 2006– What a comeback!

April 2, 2007– Opening Day he goes deep twice. Justin and I are there to see the two mammoths!

I count that I’ve seen him hit 22 bombs in person, but I’m sure I’m missing a few. Just another reason the dude is my favorite player. He needs to retire as a Red. Plus, he hogs, or he used to anyways.