Throwing it around

It’s hump day hoggers! Here’s some stuff that we thought you might enjoy out in baseball blog land this mid-morning:

  • Coffeyville Whirlwind takes us back to 2002, with a game recap between the Devil Rays and Twins. Amazing how much things change in baseball isn’t it?
  • More Twinkies! The Sports Flow gives us a glimpse of Bert Blyleven’s potty mouth. It’s always great when ex-big leaguers sneak into the play-by-play booth and let their true self be revealed isn’t it?
  • On the Show confirms that indeed, Jeff Weaver is hangin’ out with his ex- Mary Jane again.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing says that with the new month comes new anxieties for the Metropolitans. I bet that backside bomb that Wright hit last night eased some worries a bit eh?
  • Curt Schilling was fucking lights out last night. Thanks Papelbon. I’m wondering how long it will be before ‘Schill starts blogging between innings. ’38’ talks about last night’s outing on his blog.
  • Gather stat-heads, One More Dying Quail has a good one about Derek Jeter.