Throwing it around

There’s plenty of action going on right now, and there was plenty in the internet baseball blog world today. Here’s some stuff we thought you should check out:

  • The Hardball Times examines the truth about April homeruns and why the totals were down so much. Of course it’s the steroids! weather!
  • John Sickels sees Josh Hamilton as a .240-.250 hitter with good power? Nah. He’s wrong.
  • Ya know, I’ve never understood the whole fascination people have with The Dugout, I mean if you have to make fun of dead people, you’re either not funny, or you need new material or both.
  • Leave your flashlights at home when you go to the ballpark people. It could cause serious injuries, ok?
  • If you click here, you’ll get to see Don Zimmer’s chubby little head, and hear him talk about why he holds Cashman responsible for the Yanks first brutal month.
  • Finally, a great post detailing the former Mets bat-boy who we know is full of shit, concerning the steroids scandal. An interesting read nonetheless.