Hughes shines before exiting in Yanks win

You might remember our outlook on Phillip Hughes’ big league debut. It might have been less than impressive, lasting only 4 and 1/3 innings. Last night, Hughes went 6 1/3 innings without allowing a hit against the Texas Rangers to give the Yankees a surprising and unexpected lift from their starting pitching staff. Phillips struck out 6 Rangers on the night and showed off a breaking ball that was falling off the table noticeably for the television viewers. The Rangers couldn’t touch him.

It’s very possible that the only thing that saved the Rangers from being no-hit for the second time in as many weeks was a pulled hamstring. I’ll tell you what, someone must have a vodoo doll resembling a Yankees pitcher and they’re inserting pins in that little fucker each and every hour by the hour. The Yankees staff is dropping like flies.

Hughes got his first big league win at age 20, and might have became the first Major leaguer to ever throw a no-hitter in his second big league start. In terms of this blog, he also earned a nickname in doing his best Steve Nebraska impression. I have to admit, I didn’t know a lot about this kid weeks ago but his build, as well as the arsenal he brings to the table is downright impressive. I didn’t realize the Yankees had a young gun like this waiting in the wings as a starting pitcher.

Hughes is going to miss a few weeks now, but he’s earned his keep as a big leaguer. This start bought him some time when he does get healthy back on the Yankees roster. More than anything, the rich get richer here. This kid is going to win a lot of big league ballgames and he’ll have the benefit of raking in wads and uber amounts of dollars in the Bronx for a long time.

Oh yeah, by the way the Yankees won the game 10-1 in Texas. Maybe it’s time both of the editors teams go on a run.

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