Hancock may have been drunk in fatal accident

The truth about the Josh Hancock car accident may have reared it’s ugly head on this final evening in April. Tonight, ESPN’s Baseball Tonight is reporting that Hancock ran into former ESPN baseball analyst Dave “Soup” Campbell at the bar he was drinking at on the night of his deadly accident. Another customer at the bar reported that they had seen Hancock be handed several drinks during the evening, up until the point that the customer left the bar around 10:30 pm.

The same customer also anonymously stated that Hancock told Campbell in conversation that the reason days earlier he showed up late to a Cardinals game was truthfully because he was out drinking heavily the night before and he overslept. Campbell denied that anything about that incident was even said. Campbell confirmed the two talked about baseball for about 30 minutes upon Hancock introducing himself to Campbell.

I am just not surprised by this, and it’s sad. I believe the anonymous source, and I believe the autopsy results will show that Hancock was driving under the influence of alcohol when he was killed in rear ending that tow truck. It’s sad because the guy was 29 years of age. It’s sad because it could happen to anyone. Most of all it’s sad because every night, these guys live like wild-men, and feel tha tbecause they’re the best ballplayers in the world they are also invincible. When it surfaces that Hancock was drinking and driving, it will serve as another reminder of just how stupid it really is to do so.