Throwing it around

It’s monday morning and although they are brutal, we’ll do our best to press on and find some quality material for our readers. Happy throw-around-dome:

  • Deadspin talks about Ryan Howard taking Michael Strahan’s place alongside Jared Fogle in the SUBWAY commercials. Amazing how a TV camera can change a guy’s real personality. Howard’s favorite Subway sub? All of em’.
  • Coffeyville Whirlwind talks about the storied 1987 Minnesota Twins. If you’re keeping score at home, or read CW often, the 1987 season was re-played out there.
  • Hardball Times recaps the first month of baseball in this season.
  • Over at AOL Fanhouse Reds, the question is asked Can Josh Hamilton keep it up? They touch on the NL rookie of the year watch.
  • The Game of Baseball blog reacts to Josh Hancock’s death.
  • The Yankees lost again yesterday, Beltway Blog asks: What will George do?
  • Finally, Deadspin editor Will Leitch makes a final and beautiful post about Josh Hancock. I couldn’t have said it any better, no one could have.