Throwing it around

It’s a friday morning, and friday mornings are the shit. Friday is like a holiday every week that treats us all well. Without them, we’d have nothing to live for. This particular friday morning happens to be the eve of the NFL Draft, which makes it a double-holiday of sorts. We’re not here to talk football, our bias is to the round ball and bat only. Here’s some things we found worthy to note:

  • Remember Danny Almonte? Of course you do, but maybe not as well as On the Show. They’re hitting their stride over there folks.
  • The DiaTribe reminds us despite their recent hot streak (that we called accurately), the Indians are winning ugly.
  • Wily Mo Pena is a cool dude, trust us. More on that later. Fenway Blogger recaps his grand slam that won it last night for the Red Sox.
  • Baseball Church talks about the bias that is, promoting the big-whigs in the Major Leagues for the All-Star Game but not for teams like the Reds and Nats. This would mean no Josh Hamilton.
  • Hey, we can’t let a Josh Hamilton story go by the wayside without mention. Did you know he’s playing with a torn quad? Jesus! It would seem aparent that he’s earned the nickname Roy Hobbs, which would mean his bat has some Wonderboy in it. We’re big fans of The Natural movie. We also wanna let you know, he has a 3 game hitting streak. Beware Dimaggio, beware.
  • Jake Peavy handled Trevor Hoffman blowing his best outing of his career pretty well didn’t he?
  • Editor George will be at this series to drink himself silly hopefully provide some first-hand coverage. Here’s the Red Sox-Yankees matchup for this weekend at the Stadium.