Phillip Hughes Big Debut

Diamond Hoggers is really excited to see the youngester’s stuff tonight. As a Yankees fan I’m not too worried about the outcome, but more so what kind of stuff this kid has. If you think about the many new pitchers that have come through the Yankee organization, not many have faired well, even some of the proven veterans. Hughes is only 20 years old and is going to have his Major League debut in the Bronx, not the most freindly place. Although I think Yankee fans will greet him well (or atleast they should), I will be very disappointed if he was “booed” off the mound. The only thing Hughes needs tonight is confidence and support from not only his teammates, but most importantly from the fans as well. I’m sure Jeter has already wined and dined him the previous night, maybe even hooked him up with a few of his leftovers. Jeter has always been great about that and has trulty taken over the Mickey Mantle role. My prediction for Hughes tonight against The Toronto Blue Jays, 5.2 inn., 4ER, 10H, 4BB, 3K. Obviously this is not a strong pitching line, but don’t get me wrong I have high hopes for Hughes and the Yankee Farm System. Diamond Hoggers love home grown guys. Good luck Hughes!