Throwing it around: Referencing the '86 Mets

Big win last night for the Mr. Met heads. I have to say, this is my favorite book of all time. It was all about the 1986 Mets, who were everything the editors of this blog aspire aspired to be. Some of this group got me interested in baseball, namely, The Straw. Here’s some noteworthy findings from today, including a reference to this group.

  • Like I said, anytime I can reference the 1986 Mets, I’m going to do it. A Price Above Bip Roberts does just that in recapping some of last night’s action.
  • On the Show talks about Ken Griffey Jr’s colon. Somehow I knew as soon as I dropped him in fantasy baseball he’d start hitting for power. Sure enough, like clockwork, homerun last night in St. Louis.
  • Deadspin finds the lead that the Atlanta Braves will allow fans to buy tickets on credit. No wonder their alias is “the Bravos”.
  • Alyssa Milano has a baseball blog. Let me say it again, Alyssa Milano has a baseball blog. It’s all about Peace, Love, and Baseball right now for her, especially with the way her Dodgers are playing.
  • The Big Lead is bored with baseball because there isn’t enough African Americans. Come on dude.
  • Wanna buy a 2004 Boston Red Sox World Series ring? Here’s your chance. No joke. This is why insignifcant figures on the squad should not receive rings. Period.
  • A long read, but Sports Business News blog tells us who in Major League baseball finds themselves in the shitter financially as a franchise.