But I thought Todd Helton could only hit at Coors?

Today the Colorado Rockies capped off a series finale matinee at Shea Stadium with an 11-5 victory. The Rockies hit starter and young Mets phenom Mike Pelfrey very hard in the outing, rebounding them from a 12-inning lost last night that saw Mets outfielder Endy Chavez (quietly hitting over .400) win the game with a walk-off sac squeeze bunt.

On the day, Todd Helton of Legendary Hillbillys III fame got 4 hits, drove in 3 and scored 2 runs. That’s good for business. Know what else is good for business? Shawn Green got 2 hits and drove in 3 of the Mets runs. What isn’t good for business? Carlos Delgado is hitting below .200 now, taking the 0-fer on the day again. Hit your weight Delgado. That’s all I ask at this point. It’s pathetic but I’m not expecting much more.

Another star of the game was John Mabry, who has essentially played for every national league team. Mabry homered and drove in 4 runs on the day.