Wang! Pay attention!

Chien Ming Wang returns from the disabled list tonight to make his first start of the season agains the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This has some signifigance because Wang is one of the horses I selected in my fantasy baseball draft to bolster my staff. Also, the Yankees need some help because they have Larry, Curly, and Mo pitching for them right now.

I find myself dug in pretty deep to last place in my fantasy team. This is largely due to the fact that Chris Carpenter and Wang have been non-existent, Carlos Zambrano has been inconsistent, and well, all I have for the rest is Kyle Lohse and Ted Lilly the dirtball; to go along with a bunch of closers.

The Yankees also are planning on calling up big time prospect Phil Hughes to start thursday’s ballgame. They lost a 10-8 game last night which saw Alex Rodriguez hit 2 homeruns.

And then there is this:

According to ESPN tonight, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte have been calling Roger Clemens, leaving him voice messages and sending him text messages asking, strike that, begging the Rocket to join the Yankees starting rotation.

As the ESPN reporter quoted Jason Giambi, “When are you coming, Roger? We need you.”