Ryan Howard doesn't smile

Upon coming into this season, I was a pretty big fan of Ryan Howard. After this past saturday, I’m not really a fan any longer. I’m convinced that the reigning NL MVP is a big fucko. It wasn’t that he refused to look at me for a picture, or acknowledge ANYTHING. It was that he snubbed men, women, small children, Cincy fans, Philly fans, everything.

Now while I’d like to say it might have just been a bad night, I doubt it. I think this is the true Mr. Howard. I hope you continue to hit like shit all season, and be pitched around to the tune of a .265/36 HR/ 94 RBI sub-par season.

It just so happens that Mr. Howard was editor George’s first round fantasy baseball draft pick. This, he said, would be the guy that is going to hit him 200 homers over the next few seasons. Coming into the season, I offered George a pairing of Carlos Delgado and Mariano Rivera for Howard, and he almost did it. In the end he couldn’t part ways with his pride and joy, and I am sure glad that it worked out that way.

Howard, rumbling off the field, scowling and making a point to not wave after the victory

He’s Ryan Howard, and we’re not. I guess he figures one MVP award and a kid out of wedlock earns him the right to eat himself into mediocrity and tell the fans to kiss his ass. It could have been a beautiful friendship, Ryan. Now, I’m forced to just root against you like every other Philadelphia athlete (save Cole Hamels), Brotha.