A-Rod hits #'s 13 and 14

Alex Rodriguez hit his 13th and 14th homeruns of the season, becoming the fastest player ever to those figures, in just 18 team games played. This occurred tonight during the Yankees 10-8 loss to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. A-Rod’s 14th homer of the season tied Albert Pujols for the April record with still about a week to go in the month. I’ve got money that he breaks the record and who knows, he’s got an outside shot at getting to 18 or 19 for the month.

If you’re keeping score at home, he’s on pace for 126 homeruns on the season. He’s got 34 RBI and he’s hitting over .370. If there was a player who was worth $25.6 million in a year, he’s coming pretty close to it. This son of a gun might just make a run at the triple crown.