Diverticulitis gets the Natural some playing time

Maybe you’ve been wondering why Ken Griffey Jr. wasn’t in the lineup the last 4 games, maybe you haven’t. The initial diagnosis was the Griffey was ‘sick’. Well I don’t know about you but a red flag raises at least from me when a player misses that much time being ‘sick’. Hell if you miss that much time at any job you start getting emails from your boss saying he’s worried about your well-being. It turns out that this is why Kenny Griff has been out of the lineup, on top of all the other injuries the guy has, he also suffers from diverticulitis. He’s got a bad stomach and had a case of the holiday grunts.

Needless to say I wasn’t all that dissapointed. I just had to drop him from my fantasy team and pick up Mr. Hamilton in trade. Let’s hope that Griffey coming back tomorrow (to be continued….) isn’t going to mean Hamilton to the bench. Griffey has no homeruns and only 7 RBI on the season and is hitting .275 on the young year.

This weekend the one bright spot was getting to see a player like Hamilton who deserves to play getting some at-bats and also a guy in the outfield that you know no matter which slot he is at, he’s not going to make a mistake. He also has a cannon!

Congrats to the Natural on getting his first career stolen base yesterday. Hopefully he continues to be in the lineup everyday so he can continue piling up the career stats, but that would only make too much sense, therefore, ain’t gonna happen.