Update from the 'natti

I haven’t forgotten about you all, but I am pissed I forgot my digital camera’s USB so I can’t upload any of the 100 photos I got from the last two evening’s contests. I have a couple posts that I’m going to have to unload on the happenings here soon though. Here’s a preview and also some stuff that I saw:

-I shot the shit with Cole Hamels for a while after the game tonight. He had 15 K’s tonight in beating my boys 4-1.

-Charlie Manuel was in the building

-Scott Hatteberg hit a 2 out bomb to tie the game last night and send it into extra innings. In all my life I’ve seen 2 extra inning games now.

-Jason Werth; wow, just wow. We had words, and he’s a douche bag. “He’s nothing but trouble.”

-Didn’t get to see Ryan Howard play, but I got to see him. He’s a cocky son of a bitch. I’m not a fan of him.

-Shot the shit with Jerry Narron

-Pat Burrell: another fuckhead. Did get a nice shot of him hogging though. He doesn’t really like the nickname ‘Pat the bat’ does he?

More to come in the near future.

Oh yeah and here’s my next baseball memoribilia purchase:

Gotta run. I’ll be busy stuffing the All-Star ballot box until I pass out. 200 votes a day x 30 days= 6,000 votes for my guys. One man can make a difference right? Now if I do 1,000 votes a day; which I am guessing would take me an hour or two if I did it nonstop for 30 straight days, it would be 30,000 votes. Hmmmm. My crooked and corrupted ass wheels are turning…..

Photos from my journey