We'll see you at the Ballpark!

This morning’s torrid hangover I wokeup with couldn’t keep me down on this day. Hell no. The reason is because I am heading to Cincinnati for the weekend to see the titanic showdown between the Phillies and Reds.

It’s a good time for us to be covering these two teams. Now usually you’d be excited to be covering a couple of teams playing great baseball, but I have to say, I’m happy to be covering these two teams because I don’t know where the explosion is going to come from next.

The Reds play the host, and they’ve ruined my night the past two evenings. They took leads into the 8th innings of each of the last two ballgames and should have swept the 2 game mini-series with my most hated Major League team, the Houston Astros. Instead, Rheal Cormier, Todd Coffey, and John Cunnalingis Coutlangis succeeded in fucking my boys out of these wins. They also spoiled back to back nights in which Josh Hamilton hit amazing homeruns. This guy is the best story in baseball, period. There isn’t space on this blog, or any other to pay homage to him right now, we’re not worthy!

On the other side of the coin, things aren’t exactly shining either. While I’m going to request an interview of Charlie Manuel, I highly doubt that he accomodates me on that. I’m going to have to do my best to shove and push myself in, and be rigid. No matter what type of abacus you use to tally up Philadelphia’s story for this season, they’re, well, in a word….shitty. Ryan Howard has been highly dissapointing thus far this season, and the only bright spot aside from the cheesesteaks in Citizens Bank Ballpark has been Jimmy Rollins.

The buzzards are swarming for Charlie Manuel’s giant head, and this team is really just not meeting any expectations. They’re digging themselves an early grave, and quickly. Something has to give in this series as if the Reds don’t play well, Jerry Narron’s ass may start to smell like rotting shit as well. Adam Dunn has reverted back to a strike-out king, and nothing helps slumping hitters ‘get well’ like a night of getting to face Erica Milton, which takes place tonight. There is better than even odds that Ryan Howard hits one into Kentucky tonight off Erica. Beyond that, if Milton manages to tip-toe out of danger and miss a few bats, I’m sure the bullpen will be there, on cue to fuck things up once again. A lead is never safe when you have great guys like Rheal Cormier and Todd Coffey ready to charge into the game, and serve up shit fastballs to big league hitters.

I’ll be sure to cover as much as I can from tonight’s ballgame, and tomorrow’s. Pictures, interviews, stories. You can always expect the scoop from this place, whether it be shitty or not, it’ll be interesting, that we promise.